Customer support = Awesome

So, for anyone on the fence or wondering about buying a Shapeoko 3 and customer support afterwards.
I’ve had my machine for, I’d say a little over two years now. Last week I had an issue I just could not figure out, so I called the folks at Carbide3D. They had me take a few pictures and video of what was going on and send that through email, then took the time to walk me through a few things to see if that would fix it. When that didn’t fix the issue we they pretty well figured it what it was. That was on a Tuesday. By Thursday morning I had the new part I needed, and yes it fixed the issue, and I was back up and running.
To me, at least. The fact that they took the time to help walk me through a few ideas to try and fix the issue over the phone, and took the time to explain what the were looking for / what I should be looking for speaks volumes about their take on customer service.
Thanks again guys.
Oh, and for anyone who was trying to call for Tech support on last Tuesday, and it took them a bit to get back to you. Yeah, that was probably my fault.


+1 on the tech support! Thanks guys!


Cannot agree more, and it feels good to hear that this is still the case. Here’s to wishing they will be able to sustain that level of excellence in support as their customer base grows (whenever I go lurking on the FB page lately, it seems to me like there are hundreds of new users assembling their machine…“interesting” times ahead for Carbide 3D’s support people)


Agreed. I’m currently working through an issue, have already heard from 4 Carbide folks and a solution is in the works, a part on the way. No snarky questions about whether I’ve abused the machine (for the record, I haven’t!). My Nomad is still under warranty but I’m not even sure they checked.


Best there is. I’m also not sure Will Adams ever sleeps or leaves his keyboard. I’ve posted issues late into the night before and was surprised when he responds minutes later. Honestly the best company I’ve ever dealt with.


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