Cut Individual States to Hang as a Group

(Josh) #1

I hope this is the correct category to ask this one and I hope I ask correctly.

CNC: Shapeoko3

I was asked by a friend to cutout a group of the United States and mount them on his basement wall. (Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, etc…) I would like to do this on my Shapeoko so I can get precise lines when I fit them together to hang.

Since I can only cut one, maybe two, at a time… Does anyone know of a good method to get the proportional sizing correct on each of the states?


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(William Adams) #2

I would start with a map of all the states and break it apart.

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(Josh) #3

(I read your reply 5 times, then it hit me!)

I am using Carbide Create to create the toolpaths…
- Setup the project to the dimensions I need.
- Input the States I need.
- Re-size, as a whole, to the final dimensions.
- Then look at each individual State’s dimensions to get the correct size.

I had one small roadbump and couldn’t figure out how to get over it. You didn’t say much, but you said the right thing!

Thank you again!!


(William Adams) #4

Glad to have helped!

You will probably also want to slightly inset each state map to get things to fit together — do some test fitting, and be prepared for the need to file in some small tight sections.


(Josh) #5

Since I’m a teacher, I feel I should give an update to the process!

Found a vector file of the USA.
Used Adobe Illustrator to create the SVG file for the layout with each state is an individual path.

Carbide Create
Set my stock size to the material I’m using.
Uploaded the SVG file.
Resize the Image of the States to the Total Dimensions of my project.

Now I am going through the process of aligning all the nodes for each state’s path.
Then I will move the state I want to cut to my stock and create the toolpath.
(I will have to get creative with Texas!)


(Jonathan Anderson) #6

Keep us updated, I’m curious how it will turn out.

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(Neil Ferreri) #7

What do you mean by this statement?

How big is the final project?