Cut rocket project troubles

I am trying to use the cut rocket project created by Edward ford tool holder project .8"x8" .
Three different tools required . I started with 60 degree bit and zeroed ,file run and when that v groove portion completed it told me to change bit to 1/8 end mill but I cannot figure out how to get that bit adjusted to zero as software doesn’t allow me to enter jog page??
What am I doing wrong.

You need to export each toolpath as a separate file, see


Also… if I remember correctly, Edward’s C2D file uses a 1/4“ endmill to cut those 1/4” holes, which is a bad idea… use a 1/8” mill to avoid burning the end mill up… and nearly catching the mdf on fire like I did… this was one of the first things I cut… and learnt a lot from those mistakes.

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Thanks so much , I watched a YouTube video from another member and that is what I did , split up jobs . Worked great , thanks for you help from this newbie

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