Cut with an angle

Hello Guys

Can someone tell me how to make a cut with a certain angle using carbide create or carbide motion? If its possible or not like the photos bellow?

Im using a shapeoko pro xxl!


Only solution I can think of is to mount the material on an angle, and cut a regular slot.
That would involve some manual setup, creating a jig or some runners to hold the part at that angle,
and probably marking the slot manually, and then setting your zero to the tipped piece.

I gotta believe it would be much quicker with a table saw or cut-off saw. But could also be a personal challenge to do on the machine. :slight_smile:


I’ve done something similar and accomplished it by building a wedge-shaped jig to place under the stock I was cutting.

Set Z zero at the highest point the tool will contact the stock (high side of the angle) and your depth will need to be adjusted as well if it needs to be a specified depth on the high side, as it’s a deeper cut.

I also set the retract height much higher than the highest part of the angled stock to avoid drag.

Your piece appears to be much smaller than what I did, so it should work okay.

Run some tests before to make it’s delivers the results you want and also to understand where the tool will go so you can avoid any incidents.

I’m still new to CNC, but it’s what worked for me. I’m sure others can offer more insight.


Can you share a photo of your jig?

Thanks a lot for your ideas

I would probably use my old sine plate from way back in my pattern-maker days

But you could easily cut your jig on your machine as well.


Pretty basic. I cut sides with the Shapeoko and just secured them with other scrap and made sure they were parallel.

I anchored the jig square on the Shapeoko first and then anchored my stock to the Shapeoko.


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