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I am having some troubles using Cutrocket, I have scoured the forums for tutorials but i cant seem to find very much info on how to upload and post files to cutrocket.

The main things I cant figure out is how to upload a second fusion 360 link so that is shows up with 2 sheets? And How can I upload videos? what file format does the videos need to be in?

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Tagging @edwardrford, he may be in a position to share the current implementation status of CutRocket, but I think the Fusion360 integration is basic and you cannot link multiple files.
For videos, I think the only way is to upload one on YouTube and then paste the link in the “Youtube” field :

I don’t think there is more to it than what is there in the project creation wizard : type the description/comments, attach a c2d file (if applicable) and photos, include a (single) Fusion360 link if applicable, include a YT link to a video (if that works, I never had the opportunity to try).


Awesome, so I made a youtube video and when I uploaded the link, it then appeared in the videos section of the post which was what I was trying to do.
If i can only put one fusion link I guess I will just put the other link in the notes.


So I posted my Project on cut rocket a couple of days ago and I checked on it today and it has not shown up on the in any of the categories :thinking: Not sure if i did anything wrong? any suggestions as to why its not showing up in the explore? it shoes that its posted in my profile.

There seems to be some kind of manual approval process, so it may take a few days for it to show up in the front page.
In the meantime, if you include the direct link to your cutrocket project in your contest entry we should be able to access it anyway. You can also PM me the link and I’ll confirm whether I can access it.


Okay awesome! just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something obvious haha

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