Cutter depth of 102 end mill

Hi all just Need a little guidance I need to cut 23mm deep slots at 6mm wide,the 102 appears to be far too short,can I get a longer cutter??If so where would I source one from.?

Some suggestions at:

I’ve used the Garr Tools long reach endmills:

very successfully and can recommend them wholeheartedly.

Thanks Will,they are what I need,tracked down the local agent here and do not have any in stock and not planning on ordering for a few mths so may have to try another Avenue,Amana do not appear to have them,would you know anyone else who may supply.Thanks

Hi @Graham,

Sometimes just resorting to Amazon-quality endmills works, have you tried searching for “1/8” long reach endmills" ? And then look for the ones with a minimum cutting length of 1"

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I’m sure there will a plethora of suppliers in the US, similar to Rennie in the UK?

I’ve just ordered two of these with 62mm flutes.

They’ll probably ship to the US, if not.

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Good word, plethora. I first heard it in context, in the film (movie) The Three Amigos.

Hi Peter,The issue I have is I am in NZ,have tried every possible source locally,can get 4 mm but do not have a collets to fit.I am now resigned to the fact I get some from US or UK,shipment is quick

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