Cutter not detected

I run a Shapeoko 3 XL I use Carbide motion, latest version. When I try to connect I get the message could not find the cutter. I use the DeWalt router that is not connected to the board in anyway. The bushes on my router are really worn and need replacing but I can’t see how this would stop from connecting to the cutter. Any help will be greatly appreciated

If the router isn’t running, then the state of its brushes shouldn’t matter — I suspect though that on-going EMI has a deleterious and cumulative effect on the electronics, so your board may be failing.

There is a basic page on troubleshooting connection issues at: Can’t connect to machine or jog - Carbide 3D

Let us know what you find out and if you continue to have difficulties write in to (and let us know that you’ve seen the above page, and confirm that your power supply lights up promptly and stays steadily lit and that toggling the power switch on the power supply doesn’t change things and that your motors lock) and we’ll do our best to assist.

The cannot find cutter means that your computer cannot establish communication with the usb port on the Shapeoko controller. Check your cable and maybe try another one if you have a spare.

Windows has been updating lately and breaking a lot of things so check your usb port properties if a cable does not fix it.

In the past I had problem with the usb cable at the controller end and I had to get a wire tie adhesive holder to keep my cable from sagging and not making good contact. You can get t he cable tie holders at the big box stores and Amazon and the like.

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Thanks for the help. I stripped the whole thing down, found my router brushes we well down, I will replace them tomorrow. I reset the board and he presto it connects. But because I have my router is stripped down I won’t know if everything is OK until I put it all back together again. Fingers crossed.

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I use a surface, it uses USB ports no serial and that can cause problems. I’ve had to install legacy serial ports on some software. Updates may have changed or modified your ports.

Thanks John,
I was using a Windows 7 computer, seemingly it is not compatible with all Carbide Motions actions, I change over to my Win 10 laptop up graded to the latest edition of motion and it is all working - so far!
I only hope that was the only problem. Thanks for your imput.

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