Cutter not exactly cutting material

Hey all,
Ran a simple project using a 102 bit last night and noticed my cutter was more so pushing my pine out of the way instead of cutting it. Trying to understand if anyone else has had similar issues, and what its from. Pine is a relatively soft wood so it could be that. My bit is sharp, so I am ruling that out. Wondering if my speed/feed was off. Just left it from what the default is from carbide 3D.

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Yes…(your speeds and feeds are off).

You can, speed the spindle up, and/of slow the feed down…You’ll learn. Rookie mistake…(believing the generic settings…)

PS: It’s a cutter…bits are reserved for drill bits in my world


Hopefully your BitSetter, BitZero and maybe even your ancient BitRunner aren’t attached to your world’s drill press. Or you haven’t attached these to your drill:

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Well, You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink…

Or a bigger stick…

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