Cutter Not found when loading file

Within the last two weeks I have started experiencing an issue where Carbide Motion throws an error about the cutter not being found when I load a cut file. The problem started after my PCB board in the VFD went bad and Carbide 3D sent me a replacement. I can’t be sure if it worked fine for a little while after replacing the board, but I know it didn’t happen prior to that. Once the file is loaded I can initialize the machine and everything works just fine. But every time I load a new cut file it loses initialization.

I have power cycled everything and I am running Carbide Motion 618. I tried loading an old cut file but the same thing happens. I use VCarve Pro but will try a file generated from Carbide Create later today just to see if that makes a difference but I haven’t updated VCarve Pro recently so I didn’t think of that before.

Any suggestions?

Check the USB and other connections.

Let us know about this at