Cutter Pack Giveaway!

We are giving away the pack of cutters shown in the image below.

The pack includes 1 each of: #101, #102, #111, #112, #121, #122, #201, #202, #301, #302

Here are the rules

  1. Design something in Carbide Create
  2. Post your design to this thread (can post as many projects as you like)
  3. Winner will be chosen by number of likes on their post

Fine Print

  • When posting the design, please include a screenshot of the simulation view and attach your .c2d files.
  • You don’t have to actually cut the part, but if you want to, that would be great!
  • This contest is open for anyone/everyone and we’ll ship these anywhere in the world!
  • This contest will end September 1st.

Best of luck,


Woohoo! I could use some bits as I’m just getting started. I made my first cuts lay night and also just designed some more projects for going away gifts for people at work. I will post those later today.


Not quite done with it yet. Completely new to all of this and learning as I go. The text was done with #111 .625" Ball Cutter. The picture of the project above shows V-Carve which is how I am going to plan to do it, I just need to test it out. I’m having a blast learning though. I think I need a decent laptop as my 6 year old MacBook Pro keeps having issues with Carbide Create.

EN Beer Opener (1.8 MB)



This accessory station, made from 1/2" baltic birch plywood, can hold several of personal items. It works great as a dock for your phone. It also has two slots and a large rear platform for daily use items such as keys, a watch, glasses, wallet and more. You can also use it to watch videos on your tablet.

I created two of these stands for friends. One uses it on his night stand and the other friend uses it on his desk at his work. It’s simple and functional.

Thanks to Shapeoko for this awesome contest!

wallet phone holder.c2d (148.5 KB)


Well… here goes my attempt. I am very open to ALL input on my design (good and bad :smile: ). This is the 2nd thing i have made on my S3 (outside of playing) so there may be way better ways to do things. I’ll upload my working file which has everything before applying the Boolean operators so its easy to mod.

This is my custom twist on the marble board game aggravation (let me know if you cant find the rules online). We currently use a large square board but i find it takes up way to much room in the board game cupboard. This design attempts to fix that issue, by breaking the board into parts, and can be used to make a 4 player and 6 player board with the same cutout. We don’t play with the ‘bulls eye’ location so the board does not include that spot (depends on rules version). You will also quickly see that I am a sucker for matching symmetry. My picture does not show a marble on the board, but a standard marble sits nice (on rev 3) and no marbles touch each other when on the board. I hope you like it! It could make a nice present for someone if you cut with a nice wood and stain it.

Requirements To Make (i used an S3)
-six 351x108mmx13mm of stock (i used softwood)
-one 0.125 end mill (i used the one from carbide3d)
-one 0.250 end mill (i used the one from carbide3d)
-one 0.250 ball mill (i used the one from carbide 3d)

** You could replace the ball mill with an end mill, it doesn’t change how the marble sits, i am still playing/learning so i use lots of different tools just to use different tools

4 Player Requirements
-four sets of four marbles of one unique colour (if that makes sense haha)
-four cut boards
-one deck of cards

6 Player Requirements
-six sets of four marbles of one unique colour
-six cut boards
-two decks of cards

The Beginning (Marble3.c2d file)

Commit Design (GO!!!) Simulation (Marble3Go.c2d file +

Board Layout - 4 Player ‘Zones’

Board Layout - 6 Player ‘Added Jump Location’

4 Player Board Assembly

6 Player Board Assembly

My First Board Cut (minor design change after for ready zone)

Happy playing! Thanks in advance for any CC tips + tricks after seeing my files, votes (cuz i would love to learn/play with new cutter types), and design improvement suggestion.

Marble3.c2d (101.3 KB) (245.2 KB)
Marble3Go.c2d (336.5 KB)


I am new to this forum and i have not been using this sofware for a very long time (less than a month)
You like it ? Entirely draw with the software Carbide Create, flag with the american eagle !
What more natural than that ? made in USA …

Do not hesitate to leave me a maximum of like :wink:

Big Thanks to CARBIDE 3D team to this contest

lucaigle.c2d (1.4 MB)


Here is something a bit different. The other day, by mistake I right-clicked on a c2d file, and it opened in my text editor. I was cursing and about to close the file but then saw that the content was clear text in a familiar (JSON) formatting. About 0.1 seconds later, my software coding itch needed scratching, and I started thinking about generating c2d files.

So I wrote this Python script that generates a c2d file describing a grid of square shapes, with vertical and horizontal slots in between:

And generates associated toolpaths:

  • deep pockets for the vertical and horizontal slots
  • one pocket toolpath per square, with a depth computed from a simple fun looking sine waveform function

And here is the result simulation:

The generated c2d file is here:
generated.c2d (242.1 KB)


  • This is a 16x16 grid. I originally went for an 80x80 grid for fun, but Carbide Create was not ready to deal with this kind of abuse, and never finished loading the 5MB generated c2d file. For fun I checked how far I can push it, and 48x48 is the limit with my PC (it takes 5+minutes to open the file though…you can almost hear CC hurting :slight_smile:). I picked 16x16 since it is a size that I think would give a cutting time below 2h, whereas 48x48 at say 10 seconds per pocket would take many hours.

  • I wanted perfectly square shapes, so the pocket toolpath for each square is slightly larger than the square itself, to avoid rounded corners (hence the need for the vertical & horizontal slots)

  • the tools and feeds & speeds used in the generated file are not correct, this was not the point for this test.

  • Thank you Carbide Create developers, for using an open standard for the file format. I am pretty sure I will push this experiment further later to come up with more interesting generated designs.

Now if only I had some appropriately sized cutters to run this job for real on my Shapeoko… :slight_smile:


  • I tuned the script to have a reasonable runtime, so as to actually mill something generated this way
  • What I have right now that is manageable is an 8x8 matrix and used a 1/4" endmill at relatively high feedrate (1905mm/min), and I chose to do a bell curve inside of the sine waveform (which does not look good on such a small size grid). It will look like this:
  • not very spectacular but the only MDF I have on hand is 19mm thickness only, so I had to flatten things.

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Nice work Julien. Do you mind posting the 80x80 and 48x48 files? I’d be curious to see where the Carbide Create code breaks down on those.

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Here they are: (1.1 MB)

(zipped to fit under the 3MB limit)

I included the Python script to regenerate any grid size if needed

For information, I re-tested loading the 48x48: it does load successfully (after 15min+), and then CC crashes for good once I try to launch the simulation


OK…this is freaking cool! Would love to see it completed. What size bits does this use?

The toolpaths are currently generated to use the #102 1/8" endmill.
But this prototype version of the file is pretty much unusable as is, the estimated run time is * cough * 1 day and 4h :slight_smile:
So I definitely need to work on optimizing the toolpaths and the feeds and speeds before even considering running it.

Hi All -

The day is finally here! I’m going to review the designs posted to the facebook page and then try to (fairly) decide on the winner based on likes.

I’ll post the winner by the end of the day.



Good luck everyone!!!

So who won? ----------

Hey All - Sorry for the delay on this!

After looking at all of the entries, I’m going to stick to the original rules of “You have to post to this thread” AND “the person with the most number of likes” will be the winner.

So, with all that (drumroll please!) - the winner is @Julien for his awesome python script!

@Julien - please send me a DM with your shipping info and I’ll get these out to you right away.

For everyone else - thank you so much for the entries, I’m going to get another goodie pack together and do another one of these later this week.



Cool, thanks!
I can un-cross my fingers now :slight_smile:
I will put these to good use and hopefully give something back to the community one way or the other, in the process of experimenting with them.


Congrats that was a cool idea!

Any chance there is a mailing list for things like this? I miss them until it is too late.

Thanks again to everyone who participated / voted.

@ShallowCreekHill - you can subscribe to and you’ll be alerted anytime a new contest starts!

I’m going to wrap up this thread, and start a new one for the next contest!


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