Cutter Sourcing

I searched before asking and didn’t find anything;

Putting woodworking router bits aside, what’s everybody’s favorite source for cutters? Amazon has… some… Carbide3D of course. Any big online suppliers of endmills?

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ToolsToday is another one

Besides those sources, PreciseBits and Drillman1 (Ebay) are favorites of many folks here. I believe the wiki has a ton of sources listed. I’ve also bought some from Mcmaster-Carr when I was buying other supplies from them (the only way the shipping cost is justified then).


There’s a section on the wiki for this:

It includes mine, the Garr long reach endmills, though the coated Carbide 3D endmills are quickly becoming my new favourite.

Had good experiences with Kodiak products.


I have gotten to where I only use Whiteside bits. They are relatively cheap and high quality. The bits I bought from Carbide 3D are also very good and never had any problems with them.


Here’s another reference that is rather new: Power Jack Motion: Metal Machining Services

Based on their site, they don’t have endmills included on the products they offer, but I think they can make one for you — I’ve read somewhere on their site that they offer customized OEM products.