Cutter stoped responding

So this just started happening lately and not sure why. Only difference is lately been running CM ver 5 from a newer mac book pro with usb-c adapter. But it has been working for a month now and all of a sudden these messages pop up and cutter stops.

Any ideas?

Usually, if this arises after a period of successful operation it is caused by worn carbon brushes — please try changing those (you should have gotten two pairs of spare brushes) — if you didn’t, or if that doesn’t work, let us know at and we’ll do our best to work through this w/ you.

Will, the router continues to run. Carbide motion is shutting down and the program conintued to run like it was in buffer mode for another minute or so, and then stopped

I thought someone else posted a similar issue and it turned out to be static electricity build up from the vacuum running and shorting the USB connection.
Is your computer plugged in or on battery power when you are running the program?
Does your USB cable have ferrites (donut shaped magnets) at either/both ends?

Computer is plugged into power. And used a separate source if that matters. My machine is setup on 20amp circuit and run laptop from work bench.

Well not Sure what ferrites are, but here is picture. Like said when I upgraded I had to get USB-C to USB adapter for newer Mac. It has worked for about a month and now all of a sudden get those disconnected messages and GRBL not found. CM even crashed at one point and sent report to apple. Wish I would have copied it so can send to support via email. UGH

A router with worn brushes will run for some time before it quits completely, but near the end it can produce a lot of electrical noise. This noise can cause problems with the USB connection.

If you have spare brushes, switch them in and see if the behaviour changes.

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