Cutter wandering off path

Two of the three recent cuts have failed due to cutter wandering off course. Same file used for all three processes.

CM has not been updated. I ran the file through CAMotics to verify and it does not appear to me a MeshCAM issue from the output simulation.

First attempt failed.
Second attempt successful.
Third attempt failed.

Reusing the same file on all three attempts.

Rough, parallel finish, waterline.

Where did the error occur, during each operation in the same place, or only during roughing?

It looks like it is trying to plunge in areas where no stock has been removed on either side of the supports which are set at the bottom of the stock. It appears to be a support issue. Nothing is glaring at me in CAMotics.

reminds me of a problem I had: I guess you leave ~1mm at the bottom…and then do the tabbing operation…tabbing means plunging into the material again after the tab which leads to peak force for machine/cutter…I managed to solve the problem as I change the degree of the tabs from 90° to 45° to get ramp around the tabs…

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I’ve had similar problems on pieces like that, how are you clearing the chips in that deep slot? Assuming it’s not an excess of material in the cut, it has usually been caused by either going too fast at the bottom, or the stock flexing and wiggling around very slightly. How are you holding the work?

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