Cutting 16 Gauge Steel Sheet?

I have a few projects i’d like to cut out from thin sheet steel…16 gauge and thinner. I can cut them out by hand and clean up things with a dremel and/or angle grinder but i’d like to be able to get more accurate/detailed cuts too…the kind i can only get with cnc.

So i’m wondering if anybody can point me in the right direction as far as which bits to use, maybe in the 1/8" cut diameter size, as well as feeds and speeds settings, that would be awesome! Obviously i don’t want to damage the machine. Any help or suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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I did a few parts for an artist, and my IG has everything you need; however, if I was to do it again, I’d switch to these copper (looking) coated end mills from Banggood. Yes you need to buy a new collet, but they are great in steel and 303 stainless, and at less then $3 apiece they are a great buy, and can pay for the price of the collet in a job or two.


To expand on that, the Carbide Compact Router and Makita RT0700/0700 use the same collets (and bearings, and brushes and collet nut) — we have a precision set in our shop, and additional sizes are available from Elaire Corp.

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