Cutting 3/4" MDF, Speeds and Feeds?

I have a shapokeo 3 with the Makita Router, I lost my bit from Carbide, so I bought this:

1/4" endmill, DOC is .75 and so is my material.

Could anyone recommend

A)Makita Speed Setting
B)Depth per pass
C) Stepover (what is this?)
D)Feed Rate
E)Plunge Rate

Were cutting about 8’ worth of a big sign, so speed is necessary but I dont wanna be cutting forever. Any help would be awesome!

The official feeds and speeds for MDF at: are for a 3-flute endmill.

The community has some further notes at:

I’d suggest starting with the Carbide 3D feeds and adjusting them per the testing technique:

Please note however that endmills are consumables, so you’ll want multiples.

Shoot I completely glossed over 2 vs 3 flutes.

Do you think it would make that much of a difference since the mtl is MDF and not a harder wood?

Using the same parameters you were using before would be just fine.

Stepover is how much overlap there is between one cut and the next.


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