Cutting 7075 Aluminum with the HDM?

From what I have been reading, 7075 aluminum is a lot “harder” and “stronger” compared to 6061 aluminum. I’m interested in using it for a project, in which I would be drilling 1" squared holes throughout a foot long piece.

Has anyone successfully cut this grade of aluminum alloy using the HDM? What end mills and feed speeds would you recommend? Any other tips or tricks?

Thank you -

@wmoy said:

and @ydrefalk did this:

but that was on a (rail-modded) Shapeoko so chances are you can push those values with the HDM.


I have used both 1 flute Datron and 2 flute dormer endmills. Taking side cuts between 0.3-0.6 mm 6-10mm deep. Shallow cuts no more than 1mm deep and up to full endmill width. Alcohol mister makes big difference. Feeding 2000-3500mm/m


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