Cutting a new project

Working on a new project. Making some Topwater lures. The lure bodies were cut on my XXL . The white PVC board. Pieces are the jigs forholding the bait halves for machining also cut on the XXL. My machining skills are getting better. The cut baits fit perfectly in the jigs. Damn happy


Good use of fixturing. What tool chain did you use to produce the matched fixture and part?

How much post processing do you have to do?

I used meshmixer for the body shapes, export the .STL to MeshCam Save as .nc file and run in Carbide motion

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I’d like to know about post processing, aka sanding, final shaping, etc. I recently did a “carving” where I used the S03 to cut the basic shape and I had a significant amount of sanding and shaping to do afterwards. Who recognizes him?

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The molds required very little sanding. The lure halves I hit with 220 grit for about 30 seconds and they were good to go. I have been playing with stepover settings in Meshcam and have them dialed in. This increases machining time but makes for a smoother final product

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