Cutting a surface at an oblique angle

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I would like to try and mill this little adapter for an optical application on the Nomad883. One surface is at an oblique angle (see attached pix and stl) - how should I approach this job? (happy to prepare G-code in either MeshCAM or F360.)


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MAR1100.stl (520.1 KB)

I would first mill a fixture to hold the stock at that angle, then I would cut everything but the angle, then I’d place the stock in the fixture and face it off at that angle.

Chicken or the egg? :laughing:

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I would probably start with a naive approach of adaptive clearing followed by a parallel finishing pass with a small stepover and additional orthogonal pass

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Thanks much Will, Tex & Julien-

I will start with Julien’s ‘naive approach’ to mill a custom fixture and use that when facing off the oblique angle. I’ll report back with finished object. Best. -Peter

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Could you just cut a fixture angle with a table saw or miter saw and then flatten it as @WillAdams suggested?


I’ve done some parts like this. If you just need to face the part at the angle, it’s pretty simple. The fixture Will mentioned works best and you just need to hold the part at the correct angle and get close on the location. The ‘fixture’ can even just be an angled block you cut on the table saw.

The parallel finishing that Julien suggested is also a good method if you don’t care about runtime as much as setup time. It will take longer to make the fixture, but less time to make the part. If you just need one, building the fixture might be more trouble than it’s worth.

When it gets really difficult is if those holes are at a right angle to the oblique face like it seems they are. Then you really need a fixture, and need to be able to locate the part precisely within the fixture.

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