Cutting air after xyz probing cycle

Ran in to an issue today. Was Doing some cuts in 3/4" plywood today First job everything went as planned. Set up next job use the probe to Zero all using the probe. Probe cycle went fine then clicked run and it ran the entire job about 10 mm above the zero. Tried running different files to cut same thing. I used the jog feature to jog the endmill back down to the work surface and the Z was -10. I did then use the same file in question and rezeroed Manually on the work surface and the job ran perfectly. anyone got any ideas why and how to rectify?

Could be you’ve found a bug — if possible, please write up all the steps involved in duplicating this, and send it, and the files and a note of which version #s you are having the difficulty to and we’ll try to get it sorted out.

Sent an email to support over the weekend( I realize that there was not anyone to answer over the weekend) , Still in limbo about my probe problems

You ever get this figured out? Tried cutting a thin sheet of plywood 0.185 inches thick and I’m about 5mm above the cutting sirface as well. Running. XYZ probe also.

I just cut at 1/2inch sheet no problem. But the thin setting isn’t doing it

Chances are you set the zero to “stock bottom” in CC but zeroed on the top. 0.185" is close to 5mm, so that would explain it

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