Cutting aluminum /copper sheet

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Please forgive my lack of knowledge on this.
Looking to cut some aluminum sheet metal, to mount on top of wood for a sign. looks like lowes sells some project sheets. Its listed as “aluminum” with the finish being copper. Here’s the product :

Its descripted as “0” gauge, I’m guessing its very thin (maybe 1/16"?) which is good for me. I want to cut a profile to match a profile cut into wood. Then secure it to the top (thinking ca glue?) .

Can this be cut relatively easy? Will a Standard 1/8 or 1/4" upcut/Down cut EM do the trick? Obviosly looking for a clean cut on top. I’m reading users spray with water as they cut to cool the bit and material so I suppose I should plan on doing the same? Any idea for feed/speed?

Thank you for any input!

The thin sheets can be really challenging to hold in place, but cut easily — usually you can cut them dry.

It might be easiest to secure to the piece and cut it in place. A downcut endmill would provide a nice finish at the top.

Information on feeds and speeds at:

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Thanks Will. I’ll try pre mounting as you suggested, maybe a combination of ca glue in spots and 3m 77 adhesive would work for a more even coverage, unless there are other suggestions? Keeping in mind after I cut the profiles I’d need to pop up the extra material in areas to then cut pockets into the wood
Cutting dry would be great as I could keep the enclosure closed to cut down on sound. Anything I should watch for (ie the bit turning red) to know if I’m overheating?

The big thing if it starts to overheat are that aluminum will begin to gall (get stuck to the endmill) and the material will heat up, probably releasing the adhesive.

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I have had a good amount of success cutting dye-sublimation metal, 0.045" aluminum sheets that have an enamel coating on one side, using an O-flute endmill (Onsrud 63-725) and a homemade vacuum table. The vacuum table was a lot of work, but the results made it worth it.


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