Cutting an array of knife scales w/o clamps

CAD’d and CAM’d in Fusion 360, ran with Carbide Motion. Parts are held down with painter’s tape with CA glue in between, works really well. These are mammoth ivory, have also cut various others in walrus, musk ox, texas longhorn and moose.

The roughing and finishing passes area all done with a 1/4" bullnose with .03" radius. Counterbores and contour cut are done with a 1.5 mm ballnose bit.

Cut, sanded and buffed. Top is mammoth, bottom is walrus.


Clean setup and parts Chris-

Great finish on the handles, Any buffing tips?
What products do you use?

Well I haven’t buffed too many of these yet, but I have done over 1500 Dymondwood handles (not on the CNC). I started with a 3 wheel setup on my small lathe, but that just didn’t work well enough…not enough oomph and you can slow down the motor easily. I then picked up a 1HP 1725 RPM buffing motor from Grizzly, much better and no slowing it down! I paired that with 10" sisal sown buffing wheels, Jacksonlea WD-100 beige cutting compound on one wheel and C-3568 white rouge on the other. I’ve found one thing with buffing is you keep the part moving, don’t sit on one spot for too long.

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Nice work, Chris - but I’m a little worried about those moose scales :slight_smile: