Cutting Board Inlay

I would like to create a chopping board and I have attached a .jpeg file of what the entire thing should look like. You will note at the bottom, center a heart and a cross that are intertwined. What I want to do with this is create an inlay. Also attached is the .svg file from which come the cross and heart. The actual size of the cross/heart in the layout is X= 2.6265, Y= 3.25. So, here is what I am looking for some help with: 1) What size V bit would you recommend I cut this with. I presume a 60 degree would be too big. I do have a 30 and 15 degree I could use, and 2) what should be my cutting start depth and cut depth be for the male and female sides be? If I were using a 60 degree bit I would use a start depth of 0.0 and cut depth of .011 for the female and a start depth of .09 and cut depth of .02 for the male. Any suggestions?



I am not sure whether you have tried inlays before, if this is your first I would suggest that it is too complicated. They way I learnt how to do inlays was by starting with simple shapes, stars etc. I would also suggest that you cut your teeth on inexpensive mdf until you get the hang of it. Also write on the back of your practice pieces what tool was used, before you get them all mixed up.

Best of luck!


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