Cutting board juice groove

Just wondering what you folks that do cutting boards use for a juice groove. I just did one with a 7/16" bowl bit and I think it was too big. I’m thinking I should have use a 1/4" ball nose for a total width of 5/16" or 3/8" or is there a better bowl bit?

I use anywhere from a 1/2" down depending on the size of the cutting board you are doing. I have done some 24x36" boards and used a 1/2" but my small mini boards i use a 1/4".

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I use a 3/4" bowl bit. I like a wide moat because it holds more juice…


I like my meat :cut_of_meat: juicy so I am a BIG fan of the 3/4”

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I’ve done them with both bowl bits and modeling. For the modeling version, by using a gradated grayscale bitmap (created in Photoshop), I was able to get a sloped groove that leads to a collection point on the board.

If you have access to Vcarve (Desktop or Pro) you can define a ‘moulding profile’ which is 3D carved as a tool-path. Works really nicely, and previews as it will cut. Might not be as fast as using a bowl cutter, but fewer uncertainties…

… and the mouse? Become a standard feature on all stuff I make now - no rhyme nor reason behind it…

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