Cutting brass 2d image to 3d

Hi guys

I want to cut this picture out of a 0.2mm brass sheet, how do I convert it to 3d? some parts raise up a few mm than other bits.



Try tracing the lines in Inkscape or a Fusion 360 sketch. You should be able to open an inkscape file in carbide create to create your toolpaths. In fusion, you can just create the toolpaths directly. Since I primarily use fusion, I would take the photo into an attached canvas and calibrate it to the size required.


There isn’t a trivial automated path here.

I would trace it in a vector program and export the dxf or svg to Carbide Create.
You could also place the image as a background in CC and draw the parts directly in CC.

For holding a thin metal sheet like this I recommend using the blue fixturing wax.

Smaller sections of sheet will be easier to keep level,
Use a heat gun and apply the wax evenly over the entire sheet and place a weight on top of the part to compress and level the brass to your spoil board.

Also, you may want to separate the parts that are 2.5D from the 2D -
Dialing in the hieght for the 2.5D parts will be more challenging.

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