Cutting cardboard & splicing wires

Hi all! I have two unrelated questions:

  1. can you cut cardboard with a standard end mill? I have a Nomad Classic and want to cut some stencils out of cardboard. Was thinking of using the .0625" or even the .032" end mills from C3d. Anyone tried this? Thoughts?
    If cardboard won’t work, what about very thin plastic or similar? Specifically for stencils.

  2. I’m a total newb to electrical work of every kind. I have built a sound proof enclosure for my nomad**, and want to put the e-stop on the outside. Can I just splice 22AWG solid core wire to the existing wires and extend them? If it matters, I have this exact product:, and was planning to use these Cold 2-Wire Splices, suitable for 22-26AWG wire,

** pictures and build video in the works. It’s based on a design given to me by @mbellon, so you know it’ll be good.:grin:

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Cardboard will badly dull an endmill — better to use a drag knife: or a laser cutter:

Will a drag knife work on the Nomad 883? Seems like it’d be pretty limited, not a lot of room to make the turns.

There are smaller ones, which will make really delicate cuts and don’t have much need to overcut — have you considered using frisket film, as one would use for an airbrush?

I hadn’t even heard of that stuff until now, but it looks like it’d be perfect, thanks. Can it be cut with a standard endmill?

I’m wary of a drag knife, from what I’ve read on here it seems like I might need to also get a new CAM that can support one, and I don’t really plan to make very many stencils, so it’s probably not worth it to me.

Nope, cut w/ a knife / razor blade / drag knife.

Some free CAM options here:

If memory serves, SheetCAM is a well-regarded commercial program which has excellent drag knife support — price should be low if you’re in the U.S., since they’re a British company.

Thanks @WillAdams, I appreciate the help!