Cutting cardstock

We are having a party for my daughters first birthday and my wife wanted some dinosaur decorations cut from cardstock. My sister has a cricut, but the dino cartridge for it was $100. I purchased this vinyl cutter on amazon

I drilled out the top nut to 1/4 and superglued a snapped off 1/4 drill bit to chuck it in the makita. It cuts fairly well on the large shapes.


How did you do you cad/cam setup?

Did you consider making a drag knife?

The cricut cutter addon linked in the wiki is actually where i got this idea.


I have a friend with aspire that created the dragknife gcode from the files I sent him.

The last few generations of Cricut can handle SVGs…you don’t need a cartridge.
Older ones still need the cartridge.

Yah, hers is first gen.

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