Cutting deeper into stock

Hello. If I want to be cut a certain part of my Wood stock over again, what is the process. I would leave everything where it was do I need to set zero again?

Leave things in place, don’t change the zero, edit your file to disable all toolpaths but the one for the area which you wish to cut deeper, duplicate that (and disable the original) or edit to begin at the bottom of the pocket in question, then cut as additionally deeper as need be.

If you have difficulties with this, post a photo of your stock on your machine, a measurement of how deeply it cut, and have the machine at the origin or a specified offset and upload the .c2d file used in cutting and we will walk through this with you.

Thanks Will, appreciate the help.

As @WillAdams said leave the project in place. Once you remove the project it would be pretty hard to get it lined up exactly again. Possible but not probable. As long as the project is still where it was when originally cut you can change things.

Definitely leave your work piece on the machine.

I had a similar situation on a recent project where I wanted to re-carve the vegetation on the left side of the piece. What I did was go back into the file and disabled all tool paths that I did not want to recut. I did not duplicated the tool path in question. I simply changed the start depth from .000" to .003", saved the file and reloaded it back into Carbide Motion as a “Load New File”.

It worked great. Did not have to reset zeros at all. As long as you leave the work piece exactly where it is on the waste board, you should be fine.