Cutting desktop (Formica?)

Hello, recently acquired some office furniture that I’m repurposing into shop furniture. Work was tossing this stuff out by the dumpster fulls, so I grabbed a few pieces to make a mobile workbench (which is mostly done). Realized I had some leftover Ttrack from a previous project and have been musing over adding it. First thought was to just use my router, then it occurred to me that my trusty SO3XXL might be a little more accurate. Just trying to figure out where to start with speeds/feeds. I believe this stuff is similar/same as Formica countertop material, laminate on top, press board inside.

Here’s where I’m at:

Probably should have thought of this before bolting it down as I tend to overbuild (lots of big fasteners connecting it now), but I actually have more of these to mess with. Any speed/feed suggestions, or maybe I should just go standard hand router?



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