Cutting heavily painted wood

So, I make jewelry using thin hardwoods like cherry, walnut and such. My sister has an idea to do a acrylic paint pour (it’s the rage right now to mix a bunch of colors in a cup with a thinning agent and pour it out onto the surface then tilt it to get full coverage. Kind of like tie dye but for canvas, wood, tiles…) So instead of trying to coat the cut out pieces my thought was to pour the sheet of wood then cut the jewelry from it.

Now, I always have to sand the tops after cutting due to upcut bits making it a bit ragged. If I do the paint first I can’t sand the top afterwords and I think it might rip up the paint. So I am thinking of using a downcut bit and wondered if that would work?

I see this one here, don’t now if it would be good for thin hardwood"+down%2Caps%2C185&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1#customerReviews

So if I use a downcut bit what do I need to change in settings (using Carbide Create) Can I just tell it it’s the normal 1/8" bit? Or do I need to change directions or something?

Still new to this CNC thing but having lots of fun and mostly successful cuts.



That sounds ideal for your situation. Downcuts are great for this. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that they don’t evacuate chips as well so you will need to take shallower depths of cut. Maintain the same speeds, just shrink the DOC by maybe 25-50% as a start and see how it goes.

I’d also recommend these bits below. @Griff pointed them out recently and they have excellent prices and quality from what I’ve seen.


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