Cutting long parts

I’m trying to cut a 60 inch eagle wing (Garage Eagle) from a 1x12. My machine will cut 32 inches. I’m using carbide create pro and have an svg for this but I haven’t been able to figure out how to contour cut the wing.

It will be a garage eagle there something else I’m missing? is there away to cut this out?

You’re looking for information on “tiling”. Lots of ways to do it.
Here’s some info to get you started

Also, check out the current contest… You should read the entries and enter yourself!

Also, what’s a Garage Eagle?



If I pasted right. Garage eagle is like this. This one is different than mine

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I can’t find image of mine. It’s put together like 3d. It has six parts to cut out. The wings are the longest at 60 inches

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