Cutting Macor ceramic on Nomad


So, I got this 4"x4"x1/4" ceramic sheet:

Here are the feeds and speeds I guesstimated, based on a few small pockets I made with a 1/16 stock endmill #112:

The job ran for about 4 hours with a cutter that’s pretty used. It’s spent about 10-15 hours on cutting plastics. I did look under a microscope and the cutter it not in the best of shapes. Still reasonably sharp before and after this job.

Another half-hour with a diamond file and we have the parts! They are 1.5" OD.

Overall, very happy with the performance and I can definitely kick the machine up a notch or two.

Dear Nomad, I love you!




What are the parts for? I’m assuming they needed to be ceramic for a reason. Looks like they turned out nice…no chipping to breakage.

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