Cutting out the middle of letters

I have people asking for cutting out names for different things. How do I cut out the middle of the letters such as a g o e just to name a few. Right now it cuts out the outside first then try’s to cut the middle and it’s not working out for me.

You should use tabs or some other technique for holding the letters in place even after the profile cut is made.

To cut out the counters (as the inner open areas of letterforms are called) you can apply a Boolean or offset operation first — that will then allow you to select them separately from the outer profile and assign a suitable toolpath.

what you can do in CC is turn the font into shapes, and then you can do toolpaths with more control.

the easiest way to do this is to draw a circle somewhere away from the text, and then use the “subtract” option to subtract this circle from the text. (since there’s no overlap, no actual geometry changes, but after the subtract everything is just vectors)

once you have vectors you can chose to, say, pocket the internals first.
(I like to pocket them instead of contouring them… that way you dont; need tabs)