Cutting outline

Making sign. Wanted to cut basic rectangle outline around text with v-carve. I draw it, but when I look at toolpath simulation it is showing what looks like a birds-eye view of a hip-roof on a house~ Any help~?

Do you mind posting a picture of the simulation? and maybe upload the file for us to take a look at?

Sounds like you are using a simple V carve to do the rectangle. Try selecting Advanced V carve and set the max depth to what you want for the rectangle.

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Remember, this is showing the tip of the tool - the tool being a V bit, to get the width it needs to go to a particular depth, and to cut into the square corners, it needs to retract so it only uses the tip of the tool. Tilt the simulation a little to the side, and you should see it being a cut into the material, not material sticking up.

Advanced V worked. Thanks to each of you.

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