Cutting part with 2 inch vertical wall

I have a part I designed with a nearly 2 inch tall vertical wall on one side. I can’t figure out how to machine it with the bits I have. When I seat my 201 or ball end mill, I get about 30mm or just over an inch of clearance. I can seat the end mill less deep but it doesn’t feel safe to leave the end mill sticking out so far as would be needed for my application. Is there a way to machine this? Maybe there’s a special bit that I need?

You need a long reach endmill which has a long enough flute for this, and the part geometry needs to allow cutting it — might need to flip and cut each side.

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I did a quick search and found this:

You have to be careful that your project can be cut with a longer bit and the Z retract up high enough to not run into the side of your project.

One strategy would be to form two halves and glue them together to make a double height. This may not be acceptable for what you are trying to achieve but it is one way to do what you want with the tools you have.


My part is 48mm tall but the stock would be 51mm tall, if I have 50mm bit and 4 inches of clearance on the shapeoko pro…yikes that’s like 1-2 mm of clearance + how perfectly I seat the end mill…I hadn’t thought about that issue until now. Thanks!

Gluing it together should work for my application but isn’t ideal. I’ll have to figure out a two sided machining approach if I don’t want to glue it…hmm. For now I just want to prototype it so I guess I’ll try gluing and then I can challenge myself later…the cool thing about this is that I get fillets on the bottom now!

splitting the part in half was pretty easy and I think will solve the problem! I still have a 29mm vertical wall though and I can’t go much lower without the curves splitting into 3 separate parts…which maybe I should do. But I think the 201 can handle this fine.

I used sculpting block (it’s so dusty I don’t think I’m going to use that stuff again) to protype this, this evening. splitting it in half worked! Left is my attempt at making an ergo wrist rest (right is a prior simpler wrist rest). This is the third thing I’ve made on the shapeoko. Very excited. It needs some tweaking still though but I’m pretty happy with this so far.


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