Cutting semi circles

I’m trying to design a zero clearance insert for a table saw and I need to cut these circles in half so I’m left with an oval. Any help is much appreciated

You would either draw in a rectangle and union everything in some way:

Or, you could use Trim Vectors:

and then Join things back together:

Or just draw in lines using the polyline tool:

and then Node Edit the circles to remove what isn’t needed:

and again, select everything and Join Vectors:

Or, just draw a rectangle:

and adjust the corners to a suitable large fillet:

Not dissuading you from designing your own but there are several ZCI for various tablesaws on

What model tablesaw are you using ?


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Nice! I found one I can use on there. The search terms are tricky though. Tablesaw brings up nothing, so I used zero clearance insert. Throat plate seems to be another one.


Yes, search criteria are like using a dictionary to learn how to spell a word. It helps if you know how to spell the word.

What model tablesaw do you have ?


I have the dewalt contractor type. There’s a close match there, so I thought I’d try it.

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