Cutting Sintra (PVC) Applied vinyl on face

My first cut on the XXL Shapeoko.
Any advice on getting clean cuts with Sintra would be great.
1/2" PVC Sheet. I layered the Letter and applied 3M vinyl first.
And that is stacked to make it 1" high.

The edges of the lines are a little wonky.

.12 DOC
100 Feed
80 Plunge

I think it’s too fast. I’ll figure it out. Just wanted to post.
Fun Machine.



Just curious what RPM and endmill you used ? This is to determine the chipload value and compare it to my own references for plastics, and possibly help determine if your feeds and speeds are in the right ballpark.

Can you make a close-up shot of these wonky edges ? Did you get nice little snow chips while cutting?

You mentioned in another thread that you used a 0.25’’ endmill, is it Carbide3D’s #201 ? Assuming it is, and assuming you have a Dewalt router, at the lowest RPM (~17000) the chipload would be 100ipm/(3 flutes x 17000) = 0.02", which I have found to be near the minimum chipload that one can pull off in plastics.
The wonky edges may be from slightly melting (or at least softening) the PVC, if this is the case you should actually go faster (increase feedrate), and/or decrease RPM, and/or use an endmill with fewer flutes.


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