Cutting Sounds from X Y axis

Shapeoko Pro XL seems to be very noisey when testing a cut job.
Have the spindle shut off so i can hear the noise
Jogging or rapid position seems to be OK.
Seems to happen when X and Y are moving together
Has anyone noticed this

Any ideas.

post a recording/video of that to help diagnose maybe?

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I have a recording of the noise but you cant post audio files on here.

Here’s a link to the audio file on Google Drive:

Here’s some video files, jogging and running a project

I found this on an older post about someone having a similar issue. Has to do with the steps/mm setting. Anyone know if there is such a setting in the latest version of CC Motion.?

After quite a bit of troubleshooting and a lot of help from Brandon at Carbide 3D. Thanks Brandon! I figured out what was going on.
My machine for whatever reason had a steps/mm setting of around 20. instead of 40. I have an early machine, where you can select between 1/4 and 1/8 stepping. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but after suggesting I play around with various settings in this arena, I determined that this was the culprit. Once I set it back to 1/8 microstepping with ~40 steps/mm, calibrated for belt stretch to further refine, the nasty sounds went away.


Talked to one of the engineers from Carbide 3D last night about the noise issue. He said noise issue should work itself out after the machine is used for a while. Per his suggestion I ordered some Vactra OIl to lube all the Linear Rails. Makes sense to me, so I will wait and see if the noise issue gets better after I lube the linear rails and use the machine for a couple of months.