Cutting stock during relocation

Hi everybody!

I’m a new user with a potential non issue. I’ve been cutting out letters for signs lately and everything has been running smoothly. Every now and again I see the that endmill cuts through the stock on it’s way to the next shape, it hasnt caused a problem yet but I’m afraid it might cut through a project piece in the future.

Can anyone point to why this might be happening? I’m using F360.

The cuts between most of the letters are quite deep, and it’s not between all letters… Seems unlikely to be Z-zero reference or zeroing. My suspicion is that the cutter paths contain these ‘between cuts’. Can you preview the GCODE in something like Camotics?

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What do you have selected as your “clearance height” and “retract height” for the toolpath?

Is this happening between toolpaths or within one toolpath in Fusion?

If memory serves correctly this was all exported as a single .nc file in F360. I’ll have to look back if it was different tools paths.

I agree, it’s not a Z-zero issue. I’m normally quite anal about that. I’ll try to locate the code a preview it again, I tend to overwrite old .nc files as I’d never use them again after forgetting the settings and what not. I should still have the F360 file.

So it appears to be a lead in/out issue. Or so the below link tells me.

I reviewed my linking tab and it seems my Maximum Stay-Down Distance was too great.

Can you share the gcode?

What kind of toolpath is this?

Ah, it seems that the CAM is not considering the stock that the letters are cut out from and thinks it can rapid between them.

What did you set up for stock?

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