Cutting tenons as part of a part

Given a pair of drawings:

Side view:

and overhead:

and matching geometry (for the side):

One sets up toolpaths as follows.

First, select the visible portion of the part and the tenons:

and offset by endmill diameter plus 10%:

Then assign a pocket toolpath to the depth of the tenons:

and set up a toolpath for the pockets:

which all previews as:

Next we need to stitch the tenons and the side view of the part together — draw in some geometry for this:

and stretch this a bit:

and then union it with a duplicate of the tenons:

Then node edit:


Duplicate the part:

Then select the tenon and one of the duplicated part geometries:

and use Trim Vectors:

to remove the unneeded geometry:

until one arrives at:



Then select all the elements:

and use Join Vectors:

Then cut down farther:

Probably the easiest way to cut this out is to use center:

and cut a fixture which will receive the part:

Note that it will be necessary to relieve the corners:

Select the two circles:

and flip them:

and drag them into registration:

Duplicate the part geometry and use Trim Vectors to join things so as to make a space which will accept the part:

repeat for the other side until one arrives at:



Join Vectors:

Change the vectors:

Then make a file for the other side, which is just the first toolpath from the first side:

which should finish the cut and the fixture should hold things securely enough that no tabs will be needed.

Lastly we will need a fixture at the front of the machine which will allow cutting the slots in the top of the part.

One example:

Make a file as tall as the stock is thick:

and redraw the mortises:

and then add dogbones:

and then assign a toolpath:

For the tenons, since they are at an angle, it would only be possible to clean up one of the corners using the machine with the part in a vertical fixture, so the most expedient thing would be to clean it up with a chisel.

The other option would be to have cut a T bone into each side of the base:

use Trim Vectors to adjust the geometry:

and if need be, Node Edit:

Finishing this is left as an exercise for the reader.


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