Cutting to deep

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Using Vcarve to create gcode to cut a pocket 1 inch deep by .25 wide by 1 inch long in stock that is 1.5 inches deep. Using a .25 inch millend. keeps plugging pass 1 inch and jamming the router into the stock. I did multiple pocket cuts earlier today that were .75 deep and they were perfect. What am I doing wrong??? Using Carbide motion to run gcode.

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Usually this sort of difficulty is mechanical.

Always check the machine per the checklist:

and check:

If those things don’t pan out, let us know at and we’ll do our best to help.

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Perhaps you could attach your C2D and NC files for us to look at to see what you are doing wrong…

(Gretchen Quiggle) #4

stool leg face (12.0 KB)

(William Adams) #5

Retract height seems to be a bit over an inch — do you have 1" of clear vertical travel from where you set the zero? (assuming it’s on the surface — the stock is 1" thick?)

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NC Code looks correct. Maybe you set your Z at the bottom or the top of your part?

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