Cutting too deep

Cutting all the way through my stock

Trying to practice with 3/4 in plywood and in CC I have stock set at .75. Start depth at .25 and max depth at .50 and bit is going all the way through. Bit Setter is working

How are you setting zero?

Which Z-axis does your machine have?

What have you configured $102 for?

V2 Zero, XXL Pro and I dont know $102

When you probe with the BitZero are you probing for all 3 axes at a corner? Or placing it fully on the surface and only probing for a single axis?


For $102 did you configure the machine for an XXL with a Z-Plus?

XXL HDZ is what I have

For the bit zero it probes all 3 axes

That’s too deep, it means the endmill will start cutting [0.25" + your depth per pass] below the stock surface, which is way more than you should do. Until you are comfortable with the workflow and settings, I suggest to do your tests cuts with 0.1" depth per pass or less.

There are very few cases where start depth should be anything else than 0.0

I changed it to 0.0 and it still goes into my waste board

Did you configure for a Z-Plus with an HDZ? It should be that if you mis-configures as a Z-Plus it would undercut.

Please post the .c2d file, generated G-Code, and step-by-step notes on how you are securing your stock and setting zero relative to it and managing all tool changes and make a video showing what happens — please send this to

I don’t have the option to select Z-Plus with an HDZ?

It’s one or the other. Will’s point is that if you mistakenly selected “Z-plus” as the Z axis type during the machine configuration, since you actually have a HDZ you would end up with incorrect Z movements as the two types use different parameters.

What time do you all open tomorrow?

We open at business hours Central Time — but e-mail is staffed over the weekend.

Are you open yet? I sent the files and screen shots.

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