Cutting with a Dovetail bit on the C3D Shapeoko

I have a few Matchfit Dovetail clamps, and I want to make some jigs for my workshop to use them, for example an end of bench vertical clamp. Ideally I’d like to use my XXL to make them. I"m thinking I would cut pockets with a 1/4" Sq EM, then switch over to my dovetail bit to finish the channels. Does anybody have any experience using a bit like this? G-Wizard gives me some crazy numbers for the feeds and speeds, like 1"/min. Seems a bit excessively slow. G-Wizard doesn’t do with anything other than straight bits, it seems. Would I be better using the XXL to cut the channels and the parts out, then finish it up with my hand router?

Stick with one machine for both operations, if you use the SO3 for the rabbet and handheld router for dovetail bit, it will be difficult to exactly align. If you have a fence for your HH Router, you just need to leave the fence adjusted between cutter and dovetail bits.

I would try 50% feed speed of the endmill for the dovetail bit to start. Chips will not clear very well, watch for indications of your bit heating up and adjust feeds/speeds as required.

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