Cutviewer test of hardwood

I’ve been playing around with the cutviwer demo program before I get my Nomad. What do you think of this tool path? this will be my ‘helloworld’ piece.

The back side looks horrible although I can probably smooth it with a bit of sanding, as it will be out of hardwood.


@timtom1, how well the toolpath looks will depend on how well the part will fulfil your expectations for it. :slight_smile:

For a nearly-vertical sloped surface, a finer stepdown will make it smoother. But that increases the cutting time all around the part. If that sloped surface is your only concern, then the time to sand it smooth (MeshCAM’s toolpaths are always “workpiece safe” and you just sand down the ridges to blend with the valleys and you’ll be at the true surface) might be worth the savings in machine time.

That said, CutViewer tends to emphasize the roughness of surfaces that have been machined using a ball-end cutter. In my experience, the surface will actually look better than the simulation.

I’d say “go for it” and that is the best learning experience of all. And sometimes the second or third try at a part are even better learning experiences! :slight_smile: Ask me how I know that…


Thanks Randy, I’ve got a lot to learn! can’t wait for my Nomad now :smile:

Oh yeah… how do you know that… ? :wink: