Damaged hands... and how to help them

Bit of a random topic…

I thought it was worth throwing out a recommendation for a product I feel is very good. My hands are my best tools :stuck_out_tongue: but they also take allot of abuse, I get paint, chemicals and all sorts on them, I regally get splinters, cuts, dry skin etc, come the winter my hands would be all kinds of wrong due to the cold weather.

Anyway, for the last couple of years I’v been using this stuff called O’Keefe’s hand cream - sold for £5 from my local diy store, I think it’s from America… Since using this stuff my hands are allot better, they don’t dry out and seem to heal that little bit faster and for £5 it’s not even a real decision.

It doesn’t smell, dry greasy and lasts for ages. My first tub lasted something like 2 years with occasional use. I just bought another which prompted this post.

Might be of use to some of you


One of my favourite things (keep some in my desk drawer at work), and one of my more vivid memories from childhood is of my Father coming home from working a part-time job at a warehouse moving unfinished pine furniture and applying it.

Hydrating and drinking more water/milk/juice than tea/coffee helps as well, but I drink way too much tea.

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Where I live, Eastern Canada, this is the product people who work with their hands use for dry, damaged hands: http://www.bagbalm.com/

Don’t let the name fool you, it’s for your hands… although I suppose you could put it anywhere you want to be soft and supple.