Damaged MDF base from shipping

Has anyone else recieved their XXL with a damaged baseboard. I am 0 for 2. The corner of both sets of the base were crushed during shipping. Not a happy camper right now. Sent an email to support to see what kind of solution they can come up with. Sure I guess I could go buy a piece of Mdf or plywood and use the damaged piece as a template to make a new one but why should I have to . I paid a decent chunk of change for the complete kit. The one with the buggered up epoxy was an attempt to fix the corner from the original that was shipped with the kit. I dont want to assemble the machine later to learn that the crushed corners are causing unaccurate cuts or problems with the cnc. Sorry to vent here !Not a happy camper.0930170909a|666x500

Just saw and responded to your ticket on support.

I’m afraid that we use the MDF to protect the more expensive and fragile parts of the kit — the packaging and this arrangement is the best compromise we can arrive at, and is part of what makes it possible to sell the machines at the price point which we’ve been able to achieve. Every so often there’s an instance of corners getting bumped like this — unfortunately better corner protection for the MDF would add significantly to the cost of the packaging.

When something like this happens, it’s the choice of the customer:

  • direct shipment of replacement part
  • use pieces as is w/ some ad hoc repair
  • fashion replacements using locally-sourced MDF, transfer punches and appropriately sized drills

or some combination of the above. We will work with the customer to make this good and ensure that the machine functions to its specifications and works as expected.


Sorry to hear of this problem Craig. Makes me realise just how lucky I was to get my XL to Australia undamaged. Best of luck with your XXL.