Database of TOOL info to enter into Vcarve - use default or enter Carbide data?

I am searching but not finding if there is a list of all the tooling data from Carbide that I can enter into VcarveP. I’ll keep looking.

Maybe the best thing to do is set up a job in Create and just copy paste the info over so I have a custom group in my Vcarve database? Or maybe since I don’t have anything outside of the .125 and .25 EM and some V-bits with standard 60/90 angles it is fine to just use the tool list in VCarve?

I was looking for to verify the speeds/feed rate and plunge rate info as suggested by Carbide since I am using their machine, just not their software.

The community’s notes on Vectric are here:

A member of the unofficial Shapeoko group did the Carbide 3D tools which were reposted to the Shapeoko forum:


Thanks Will! I found the Fusion360 discussion but hadn’t stumbled on the info you linked… you da’ man!

lol… it’s easy to get lost looking around for something specific… all this other stuff gets my attention and down the rabbit hole I go.

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