Dear Nomad users with mirrors or nibble finger

Hello - I am struggling with my Nomad; x-axis movement. Can anyone tell me whether on their Nomad they have 2 or 4 bolts attaching the spindle to the threaded rod? (my pictures attached as it is hard to describe)

…and if 4 bolts for a bonus point, any idea what size they are?

Side question: It looks like this is just a piece of HDPE, with no sign of threaded metal inserts to run along the thread. Maybe it is robust enough - just looks like something that would wear quickly. Does the back of your spindle look like mine? Am I missing something?

Thank you for your help.

Most likely acetal/delrin…should be ok for a leadscrew nut.
I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think you’d have screws there. The spring in the middle creates an anti-backlash system…if everything is fixed, the spring doesn’t do anything.


On the Nomad 3 these are metal, but there are only 2 screws here as well.
I also think that it is the correct amount.

Interesting - I have a Nomad 3 and mine are not metal. Upgrade required?

You know what… I did not check well enough.
It was hard looking and black. Like anodisation.
It is black delrin or something.

Cool. I’ll see what support have to say.

My Nomad 3 has black blocks. The screws on the left hand block are protruding cap heads, just like in your photo. The screws on the right block are present but recessed, apparently way further than would be possible where your yellow arrows are pointing. The screws on the right also differ and are not regular cylindrical cap heads from what I can make out (I think they are hex dome head)

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Support is helping me resolve my challenge. Thank you for the information. It looks like a design or manufacturing change took place between the version I received (early days) and later versions concerning those parts that I believe may relate to an issue of accuracy I’m facing, but I could be wrong. Fingers crossed.

Btw: you did well discovering that much info as it is well cramped back there.