Dedicated CM PC suggestions

I’d appreciate suggestions on windows tablets / fanless PC’s to be mounted to a stand at the machine to run CM. Thoughts on this one?

I’d prefer a tablet for the touchscreen I think, but could be swayed. <$200-ish is ideal…

I use a Microsoft Surface 4. It’s a combination tablet / laptop, I believe it has a small fan, but it rarely (if ever) comes on. For me it works perfectly!

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I use the exact one you posted. It has worked well so far!


I have this exact one. I have only one issue with it, very minor. This comes up mostly when trying to jog the Z axis–when I hit the up and down arrows, it always interprets it as double hit (as I type this may there is a setting to change the touch to a single click?) so it’s a bit fiddly if you want to move the Z to a specific height.

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See my post below about jogging through the touch interface–do you have the same issue, or even better, a solution?

I use a male-to-male micro usb to connect an old Xbox controller. I rarely use the touch screen to jog around.

The one spec I see not meeting minimum is screen resolution.

CM says Min 1280x1024. This device is 1280x800. Any issues with it cutting off the bottom of the screen?

If the screen resolution isn’t met (or if the device scales the interface so as to cause it) you’ll find yourself doing a lot of scrolling.

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