Deep contour causes shank issue

I want to cut out some toy letters from a 43mm thick slab. The small “e” is such that I cannot use a 1/4 inch 201 or else the gap near the tail gets closed (my e is 50mm tall). But the 1/8 inch 102 bit is too short to allow 43mm+ of clearance.
What are my options? A previous topic linked to a Shapeoko wiki which seems to be dead. I would image a 1/8 bit that poked out f the shank by 50mm would never survive the sideways force.

There are long-reach endmills in various diameters — Garr makes some really nice ones in 1/8" diameter (which I guess is the wiki link you were thinking of), but as you note, they’re fragile.

===Long endmills===

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