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I have noticed that in Carbide Create (probably Pro) also that if I have applied a tool to as specific path, and save it. Then go back in (edit toolpath) and use the Select Tool button Carbide Create doesn’t use the existing tool to open the appropriate tool node. It would be nice to have this since most of the time changing tools of existing tools is probably looking for the next size either up or down of the specific tool.

Select Tool -Carbide 3D-Shapeoko-Softwood >> End Mills >> #102 End Mill (1/8) and apply it to an area. Close out the toolpath.
(do other stuff)…
Decide to change the tool for the toolpath created in the above step.
Select the toolpath - Double Click to Edit Toolpath
Click the “Edit” button in the Tool section (Top section)
Click “Select Tool” button on the Edit Tool dialog.

Select Tool dialog appears with all the tool folders, but nothing is selected by default.

Expected/Desired Behavior:
The Select Tool dialog should automatically expand and select the current bit that was previously assigned to the toolpath to make it easier. In my example above is should have expanded Carbide 3D-Shapeoko-Softwood >> End Mills and selected #102 End Mill (1/8) tool.

This seems like a little thing but it goes to the Fit and Finish of Carbide Create making your customers feel that the software is great. :slight_smile:

Side note/question - I noticed that some Feature Request topics (and other topics) are Auto Closed after 30 days, even without any reply. This seems like a bad idea especially for Feature Request topics. Do you have another way for users to file bugs against the software so that that are tracked and not lost due to the closure of the topics?

Thank you,
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